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Legacy License

If you already have Chroma, you possess a legacy license. As a valued Chroma customer, you are able to easily upgrade to our subscription model. This upgrade not only unlocks the latest digitizing features but also offers you a chance to enjoy substantial savings – up to 80% off your base price, potentially saving you as much as $2,000. The final price will be tailored to your chosen plan and your current license. Eager to switch from a legacy license to a subscription for continuous updates? Simply click below to start your upgrade process.

*Please remember, once you switch to a subscription, your legacy license will be deactivated, and an active subscription will be necessary for software access.

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How to find your serial number: To locate your serial number, simply log in to the Customer Portal. After signing in, go to "My Products" and select your Chroma product.

Customer Portal

*An email containing your credentials was sent to the provided email address at the time of your original purchase.