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Unleash creativity with Chroma Inspire

Chroma Inspire sets the standard for digitizing with innovative features to help kickstart your next embroidery project.


Why Inspire?

Chroma Inspire pushes the editing boundaries of beginner digitizing software. With Inspire, you can auto-digitize and edit designs, create lettering, convert elements of your design to different stitch types, resize designs, rearrange color stops and plenty more.

“I received Chroma with my Ricoma embroidery machine and have been able to do everything I needed in the Inspire version. It's super user friendly and works great on my Mac, which is a huge plus!”

– Valerie Owens

Who Is Inspire For

Comprehensive tools

Inspire offers all the basic tools of most digitizing programs, including the ability to draw and edit shapes, change stitch types, and so much more.

Tool Image
Backdrop Icon

Backdrop Tool

Transform the creative process by inserting an image into the background of your artboard, then effortlessly digitize the background design with pinpoint accuracy.
Tool Image
Artwork Icon

Artwork Tool

The artwork tool provides you with different methods to draw shapes: the pen for freehand drawing, the ellipse tool for circles and ovals, and the rectangle tool for rectangles and squares.
Tool Image
Complex Fill Icon

Complex Fill

Using this handy tool, you can easily fill shapes and lettering within your design with your desired fill type, which will significantly speed up the digitizing process.
Tool Image
Stitch Icon

Run Stitch and Satin Stitch

Create fine, detailed lines in your design with a run stitch, or use a satin stitch to create a smooth, shiny, and solid line of stitching for letters, borders, and to fill in larger area for a bold effect.

Simple-to-use features designed with beginners in mind



The realistic view feature allows you to switch between a lifelike representation of your embroidery design and a detailed flat stitch view.


Realistic view feature

Created with Inspire

Elevate your aspirations by harnessing the power of Inspire

Cushion Embroidery
Patch Eye Design
Cap Logo Embroidery
Dali Patches Design
Embroided Baby Bib

Who is inspire for?

Join thousands of others who count on Chroma for their digitizing needs! 



Chroma stands out as the top choice for beginners wanting to learn digitizing, thanks to its user-friendly customization tools and comprehensive library of free training videos.



With the ability to auto-digitize designs, Inspire is an easy-to-use software that hobbyists can utilize to convert their designs into an embroidery file quickly and efficiently.



For those who prefer to master new software themselves, Inspire is the perfect place to start, offering comprehensive tools that will drive your desire to learn more.