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Transform your designs with Chroma Plus

Chroma Plus shines through with advanced digitizing features that will give your design a clean and professional finish.


Why Plus?

Chroma Plus offers an enhanced range of features just beyond any beginner-level software but is still incredibly user-friendly. With Plus, you can effortlessly create digitized designs and lettering from start to finish, customize the designs with an expanded font library, and utilize additional tools tailored to the needs of professionals.

“I got Chroma Plus because I wanted to learn how to digitize myself instead of having to outsource that work. There was a small learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it's super easy to use!

– Carolina Vargas

Who Is Plus For

Advanced tools

Chroma Plus increases your digitizing potential by providing additional tools that will elevate your designs and show off your skills.

Tool Image
Optimize Sequences Icon

Optimize Sequences

Reorder the sequence of the selected layers of your design so that they will be embroidered in the correct order. 
Tool Image
Order Icon

Advanced Start & Stop Settings

Establish precise starting and stopping points for your stitching to ensure that the design is stitched out properly. 
Tool Image
Lasso Icon

Lasso Tool

Craft your designs at a much higher level with the lasso tool by drawing a line around the specific part of your design you wish to select to change the color, stitch or fill type, and so much more. 
Tool Image
Stitch Icon

Stitch Tool

Gain even more control over stitch areas in your design with the stitch tool that allows you to add commands, change colors, and move around individual stitches. 

Extra tools that offer a variety of options for effective digitizing




Use the artwork tool to draw freely with the pen tool or to insert pre-defined shapes to build out your design. Once the design is drawn out or built, you can convert your design to available stitch types and complex fills.

Advanced artwork tool

Created with Plus

Do more with Plus so that you can achieve your embroidery goals.

Caps Logo Embroidery
Cocktail Skull Embroidery
Embroidery Patch Leia
Hello Fall Embroidery
Pattern Embroidery
Polo Pink Embroidery

Who is Plus for?

Join thousands of others who count on Chroma for their digitizing needs!



Hobbyists can take advantage of additional digitizing tools to stretch the limits of their designs and get the most out of every embroidery project.


Small Business Owner

For small business owners looking to improve the quality of their digitizing, Plus offers advanced features that will help them attract customers with more variety.


Side Hustler

Plus provides more precise design options for side hustlers who are building out a client base and want to meet increased demand as it comes.