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Chroma Luxe is your go-to digitizing software, packed with all the tools you need and more.


Why Luxe?

The most advanced version of Chroma, Luxe hosts the software’s full range of tools. Create advanced digitized designs with speed and ease, or get creative with the software’s most extensive range of preset fonts, fills and exclusive design features.

“I have the Ricoma EM1010 embroidery machine and Chroma Luxe digitizing software. Everytime I have run into a hiccup and cannot solve it with Ricoma’s numerous videos online, an email is quickly answered with personalized detail! Thank you!”

– Kim Hillegas

Who Is Luxe For

Complete tool package

Luxe’s extra tools will improve the efficiency of your digitizing by speeding up the lengthy digitizing process.

Tool Image
Cross & Steil Stitch Icon

Cross & Steil Stitch

Cross stitches are trendy patterns characterized by X-shaped stitches, while steil stitches offer a distinctive look similar to satin stitches, with a zigzag pattern and a single line.
Tool Image
Magic Wand Icon

Magic Wand Tool

The magic wand tool streamlines the process of digitizing images for embroidery. It allows users to select a stitch or complex fill tool and then easily digitize specific areas with a simple click.
Tool Image
Color Blending Icon

Color Blending

This tool allows you to flawlessly blend colors together for a seamless transition, giving your embroidery a unique, gradient look.
Tool Image
Split Icon

Split Design

Split oversized designs that are too large to embroider in one hoop so that you can embroider larger projects with a high level of precision.

Advanced digitizing software designed to meet the needs of users at any skill level


You won’t have to worry about running out of unique font options for your next project, as you’ll have access to over 250 fonts that include appliqué, monogram, and 3D Puff fonts.



250 pre-digitized fonts

Created with Luxe

Do more with Luxe so that you can achieve your ultimate goals.

Bag Dragon Embroidery
Cap 3D Puff
Cap Embroidery 3D Puff Logo
Dog Artwork Embroidered
Embroidered Jacket
Embroidery Patroller Design
Mia Beanie Embroidery

Who is Luxe for?

Join thousands of others who count on Chroma for their digitizing needs!


Small Business Owner

Small business owners who don’t want to outsource their digitizing will find Luxe’s easy-to-use mechanics beneficial as they continue to expand their businesses.


Large-Scale Businesses

The design options with Chroma Luxe are limitless, which is why large-scale businesses can rely on it to meet all of their digitizing needs.



Educators can use Luxe to give their students practical, hands-on experience with the most advanced digitizing tools and features around.