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Let your imagination run wild as you create beautifully elaborate designs with Chroma, the premier digitizing software!

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Chroma redefines digitizing, offering a seamless experience for beginners and expert digitizers alike. Choose from three exclusive plans to find the best one that fits your skills and gain access to advanced features as you progress. Plus, Chroma's universal compatibility ensures that no matter your embroidery machine, you can unleash your creativity without limits!

Compatible with both Mac and PC
No installation dongle required
Works with ALL embroidery machines
FREE software updates
Access to exclusive training and tutorials
Download and use on more than one computer

Gain access to training and tutorials when you subscribe

Take advantage of Chroma's full potential with flexible monthly or yearly subscription plans, offering unlimited updates and automatic improvements. You’ll also have access to expert training with an instructor, tutorials, and unlimited tech support. Whether you're new to digitizing or a seasoned pro, our resources are designed to enhance your skills and elevate your designs. Subscribe now for seamless creativity!

Immediate access to the latest features
Automatic maintenance and improvements
Unlimited online classes with an instructor starting day 1
Access to online tutorials
Unlimited technical support from our expert team
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Chroma works with ALL embroidery machine models

Chroma’s export options ensure your designs are ready for any embroidery machine, supporting compatibility with all models.

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Chroma brings your ideas to life

When you do your own digitizing, you don’t have to outsource your projects to a third party, saving you valuable time and money. Your designs will turn out exactly how you want them to without the extra hassle. Not to mention, you get to stretch the limits of your imagination and enhance your creative possibilities.

Chroma Ideas

Designed for digitizers at all levels!

Chroma’s simple tools and free tutorials make it easy for anyone to use this software. With three plans to choose from, it’s just what you’re looking for in a digitizing software, no matter your experience level.



Built for beginner and expert embroiderers, you can use Chroma to design your next embroidery project efficiently.



Featuring a user-friendly interface, Chroma allows digitizers to create high-quality designs faster than ever.



Graphic and fashion design students can use Chroma to master digitizing through practical, hands-on experience.

New features to give you the best digitizing experience possible




Automatically adjust the artboard background on your screen to match the material you'll be embroidering on.

Textured Background

Designs digitized with Chroma

Jean Flower Jacket
Donut Cap
Jean Flower
Puff Cap
Dragon Jacket
Gray Caps
Quote Cap

Embroiderers love us

Jason F.

Having the ability to tweek designs on your own time is priceless doing my own digitizing I believe also made me a better embroiderer as a whole.

Debra Caywood

User friendly software for a beginner.

Antonio Gonzalez

The Luxe software is the better choice.

Jeff Dixon

Chroma Luxe is worth it if you plan on digitizing most items yourself.

Slade Grove

ALSO - thank you for having Janae on your staff. Her Chroma training classes are fantastic.